Pool Pumps

Pool Pumps

Pool Pumps

Whether you need a pump for your pool and small water feature, or a spa, pool and large water feature, we have the right model for you. When you need a new pool pump installed for your home, come to the best: Pool Perfection. Our specialists will help determine which pump will gel with your budget, and then install the model of your choice.

When it comes to installing your pool pump, you want to make sure it’s done right. It won’t do your swimming pool any good to have an incorrectly installed pump, or even worse, the completely wrong unit for your system. That’s why you can rely on the licensed and insured technicians we have here at Pool Perfection to help you choose.

Importance of Proper Selection

Our swimming pool specialists know the ins and outs of all types of pool pumps and will work with you to find the perfect size to handle your pool efficiently. Selecting the wrong pool pump will not only result in poor functionality of the product, but it will likely not last as long as it should. Too small of a pump will have to work too hard to keep your pool clean, and won’t do the job well at all. Too large of a pump is inefficient and will increase your energy costs.

We offer a variety of high-efficiency pool pumps that work hard to effectively keep your pool clean and its chemicals balanced — all while saving you money on your energy bills each month. Your pool maintenance costs can be considerably lowered by using a high-efficiency pump, as that is often where a large chunk of the energy is consumed.

Pool Filter Replacement

We also handle pool filters here at Pool Perfection. Whether you want a brand new pump or just extra filters, we’ve got a variety of products to meet your needs. For example, our cs200 cartridge filter is easier to clean, cheaper to replace, and can run both a pool and spa. Our cs250 cartridge filter is best for bigger pools and spas.

To learn more about our pool pumps and filters, call us at 727-518-(POOL)7665 or complete our easy contact form. You will find us at 9310 Ulmerton Rd (Bldg 1 Suite 600) Largo, FL, serving all of Pinellas County, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Dunedin and Pinellas Park.