Understanding the Pool Startup Process: A Guide for New Pool Owners

February 28, 2024


If you’re one of the many homeowners who’ve recently had a pool built, you know the excitement of taking that first dip. But before that, there’s a critical phase known as the “Startup Process.” Here’s an essential guide to help you understand what happens during this period at Pool Perfection.

What is the Startup Process?

After your pool’s interior finish is applied, it undergoes a curing period. During the next 30 days, professionals manage your pool’s water chemistry. This step is vital for ensuring the longevity and beauty of your pool’s interior.

What to Expect

  1. Initial Water Appearance: It’s normal for the water to have a greenish hue right after filling. This will transition to a beautiful blue once the initial chemicals are introduced. The final water color is influenced by the interior finish and surrounding lighting.
  2. Debris and Pebbles: Don’t be alarmed to find pebbles or debris from the construction phase in your pool. These will be cleaned up during maintenance visits.
  3. Microscopic Film: A film residue on the pebbles is typical. It erodes over time, revealing the true color of your interior. Brush your pool walls and floor daily with a polypropylene brush to expedite this process.
  4. Water Evaporation: Up to 1 inch of water loss per week is normal, especially in dry conditions. Keep an eye on the water level and top it off as needed.
  5. Pool Equipment: For the first two weeks, your pool equipment will run continuously. This helps in evenly circulating chemicals and aiding the curing process.

Weekly Maintenance Visits

Usage Restrictions

Pool Equipment Orientation

In the final visit, you’ll receive a comprehensive demo (“Pool School”) on operating your pool equipment. If your system includes automation, be ready with your phone and Wi-Fi details for app installation.

Your Responsibilities

The Warranty Phase

After the startup process, maintaining the pool chemistry is crucial for preserving your interior finish and keeping your warranty valid. Whether you opt for professional maintenance or do it yourself, keeping records of chemical levels is essential.

Filing a Warranty Claim

Your warranty starts as soon as the startup process begins. For any issues, visit Pool Perfection’s Portal for assistance. In case of a suspected leak, a “Bucket Test” might be required before further investigation.


The startup process is a crucial phase in your pool’s life, ensuring its beauty and functionality. By understanding and participating in this process, you can enjoy a pristine and healthy pool for years to come. Remember, Pool Perfection is always here to assist you with any questions or needs.